GCC GLOBAL FOUNDATION (“GF”) is part of the Global Consortium Corporation’s (“GCC”) group of companies.

With Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the heart of the investment platform, GCC has a policy to add as much value to communities and the environment in places where the platform has projects and businesses operating... With access to the biggest international corporations we believe we can make a significant difference.

The GF also works closely with GAP (www.gccgap.com), with assisting communities with their development, social issues, protection of their local environment, and contribution to the preservation of the global environment.

The GF is beginning to look for, and identify socially responsible corporations, NGOs (Non-Government Organisations), government organisations, charities and philanthropists world-wide that it can work, and synergise with to further its aims.

Of particular interest is:

  • The Environment
  • Emotional and Mental Development, and wellbeing of Children
  • Woman’s roles in communities
  • Health

Contact us today at gf@theglobalcc.com