This is a program where the platform gives access to members (www.gccmembers.com), and Global Partners to private and public events, and clubs, and many more benefits through privileged membership.

By joining GCC’s global platform as a member, and adding value to the platform a world of privileges awaits you...

You may join as a corporation, or individual. Members join if they have an interest in;

1) Becoming a GCC Global Partner (Investor), by providing the investment platform with liquidity (funds - minimum US$1million),
2) Becoming a GCC Project Owner so as to have GCC globally role out a project, product, concept or company.
3) Becoming a GCC Consortium Member so as to provide contracting to projects and companies on the private market and become part of consortiums undertaking projects.

4) Becoming an GCC Associate (Introducer) and introducing Global Partners to the platform
5) Becoming a GCC Partner (Facilitator) and introducing Global Partners to the platform, and project owners
6) Becoming a GCC Service Provider, to provide services to companies and projects on the private market.

Find out more by contacting us at info@theglobalcc.com