GCC INTERNATIONAL MASTERY UNIVERSITY (“IMU”) is part of the Global Consortium Corporation’s (“GCC”) group of companies.

The key to all success in life comes from the seed of education.

Information in life or business forms the foundation of building anything towards the sky….

Information combined with action, forms a powerful team that when repeated again, and again becomes a habit, that when conditioned can form the building blocks of legacies…

With GCC’s motto of ‘World’s Best’, at IMU we seek to provide a platform for some of the best information, researchers, educators, presenters, achievers, mentors, and coaches…

At IMU there are three disciplines:

- Wealth Mastery
(create wealth to become financially independent)

- Business Mastery
(buy / sell / start-up / run / manage / lead / build and grow companies in a global economy)

- Life Mastery
(understand the new world order and nature of human life / mastery of body / mind emotions and consciousness leading to a more fulfilled life).

Contact us now to find out more about the University at info@theglobalcc.com